Galerie Du Jour | Paris

“This show explores the hedonistic triumphs of those who recognize themselves as victorious in the unfolding mirror of history. Their right to pleasure hinges on their projection of pain onto the unvictorious other. This often expresses itself in pleasure derived from the misfortune of the defeated. As the winners display their hubris and take their trophies the losers are left insignificant and marginalized. VICTORY explores one mans victory over another, what that victory looks like and the result that victory has on the losers.” — Cleon Peterson

There is no document of civilization that is not at the same time a document of barbarism.” ― Walter Benjamin

Galerie du jour agnès b. will feature VICTORY, Cleon Peterson's first solo show in Paris, France. The exhibition contains a new series of paintings and sculptures that will introduce the viewer to Peterson’s oppressive world, ‘A dark world that we all carry inside’. Victory is a black and white ballet of nightmarish mental and physical violence and conflict : facing the wall and in-your-face, Cleon Peterson offers neither a way out, nor moral judgement on the state of the world in crisis.